30 Day – DOA Condenser Coil – Form

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30 Day – DOA Condenser Coil Form

This Program only applies to Carrier/Bryant Residential product

This program only covers true Condenser Coil leaks, any leaks that are deemed repairable should be repaired. ie factory braze joints at the compressor connection, accumulator, service valves any tubing and etc.

Use this form to report a Condenser Coil refrigerant leak. This is mandatory to get approval for a new outdoor unit replacement. There will be no labor offered or available. A minimum of 1 video and 1 photo is required and MUST SHOW BUBBLES.

Once submitted the CAM team must review and approve the unit replacement. You will be contacted by the CAM team with either an approval or corrective action.

This program does not apply to residential units used in a commercial application

Serialized accessories changed out within the first 30 days of installation do not qualify for any labor assistance

The program does not apply to service condenser coils covered under the Service Parts Warranty


The unit must be properly sized for the system

Proper application, installation and start-up procedures must be followed

This includes providing necessary accessories such as: wind baffles, head pressure controls, liquid line solenoids, crank case heaters or hard start kits

The system must be an approved match

The wiring must be sized correctly

All components must be added at the time of installation

Please watch each of these videos prior to proceeding.

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